Sunday, December 24, 2017

Cucumber Christmas Tree

A Cucumber Christmas Tree: A Fun and HEALTHY Christmas Snack Idea!

Somehow another year has come and GONE! Christmas is TOMORROW!!?! :) To get into the spirit I'm sharing this healthy snack platter I made for the girls. This is a VERY simple and EASY Christmas Snack Idea. Just cutting up and putting out vegetables means they will get eaten... or at least nibbled on ;) With all the holiday sweets around I've been trying to remind my kids (and myself ha!) that we can't just eat sweets and a dose of veggies is good for the body! :)

To make this Cucumber Christmas Tree all you will need is cucumbers and bell peppers! You can be creative and use more vegetables, but I prefer to use what my kids will actually eat vs what might look prettier ;) Adding some gorgeous purple cauliflower and red radishes would look gorgeous! ....But they won't get eaten here -- and I hate to waste food. But if your family will eat it -- make your tree with different veggies!

All you need to do is slice up some cucumbers, arrange like a tree then decorate with slices of bell pepper! I hand cut that yellow bell pepper star, but if you have a mini star cookie cutter that will work perfect! The best part is that your kids can make it and decorate their own trees!

And if you are traveling, or like to celebrate Christmas all week long, you could also make a fun Rudolph lunch! I've been meaning to share this cute lunch I made Eliana a few years ago (I have recreated this lunch a few times, but took a MUCH better picture the first time haha)

In her Planetbox lunchbox she had another kind of Cucumber Christmas Tree! This time I used cucumber slices, and carved them with a knife to resemble a tree. I added a carrot star and stuck them all together with a toothpick.

She also had a Rudolph Sandwich (bread crusts for the antlers, mini chocolate chips for the eyes and a nut free Hershey-et for his nose. You can use honey to "glue" the pieces together), vanilla yogurt with festive Christmas Sprinkles and two peppermint chocolate pretzels (made with pretzels dipped in melted chocolate topped with crushed candy canes). I added a few more red Hershey-ets in the treat section :)

While the lunch looks detailed, it really didn't take that long -- and the Rudolph sandwich was SO simple to make! I've remade it many times and she loves it every time!

Merry Christmas!!

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