Friday, November 13, 2015

World Kindness Day School Lunch

Happy World Kindness Day!
Today is World Kindness Day! 
It is also Friday the 13th, but I think kindness is much more important to focus on ;)

Kindness can mean so many things. It can be the smallest and simplest of things, like just saying hi to someone, saying good morning (afternoon), making eye contact, a smile, holding the door open for someone else, and basic manners. Or kindness can be bigger and complex; like going out of your way to help someone, holding back your personal thoughts to not hurt someone else's feelings etc. 

Food For Thought:
You can never underestimate the power of kindness. And likewise-- the power of its absence. 

Ever since Eliana started kindergarten, one of our mantras is: "Be kind, Be nice, and Be respectful." I even made her first packed school lunch as a reminder to this. As parents we sometimes think of ourselves as record players... repeating the same thing over and over. But this is one thing I don't mind repeating. I say it every morning before she goes on the bus to school.

I know we could all look back at school days and remember those people or incidents that were unkind to us. One thing I've always wanted to instill in my kids is to always be kind to all. Even if you don't agree with someone, even if you aren't the best of friends, you can still be kind. You can still use your manners. There is no joy in hurting someone's feelings. There is no joy in being rude.

I was worried if Eliana would remember all her manners and treat everyone kindly, and with that concern came the birth of our mantra:
"Be kind, Be nice, and Be respectful".

I don't think I can ever talk about being kind too much, but I'll get off my pedestal now and let's move on to food! I packed Eliana a fun lunch to celebrate kindness:
Packed in her PlanetBox Eliana has cucumbers, carrots, blackberries (with alphabet bento picks), a wowbutter sandwich, clementines and pomegranate seeds. She also has some Enjoy Life Foods mini chocolate chips with one of the bread cut outs. I thought this Lunchbox Love Note fit perfectly for today too!

I chose hearts as flowers for the symbolic representation of how one act of kindness can bloom into something amazing, like a friendship or a relationship.

Eliana also made a sweet card for her teacher and we gave her a little gift. Just because :)

What did you do for World Kindness Day?

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