Saturday, March 1, 2014

Family Fun Magazine! leprechaun hats

Happy March 1st everyone!! 

March is one of my favorite months for many reasons.. Eliana's birthday is in March (her due date was St. Patrick's Day so we end up enjoying that fun holiday too), Spring starts in March so we can say goodbye (and good riddance to winter), and now I am so excited to tell you that Family Fun Magazine asked me if they could feature my Leprechaun hats snack idea in an their March 2014 magazine!!! The month of March is a good one I tell you :D

When Family Fun first asked me if they could feature my idea I of course said YES YES YES!!! (after jumping up and down a million times and doing a happy dance!) I made these leprechaun hat snacks last year for Eliana and she absolutely loved them. I'm so happy that they were such a hit! AND they are even mentioned on the front cover of the magazine!! Somebody PINCH me!!

You can find the leprechaun hat snacks on page 30 in the March 2014 issue (or in the "Play: healthy family" section in the digital copy)!!!!

And of course if you want to see my post and tutorial for them please click HERE!! :)

p.s. Thank you for all the emails and IG comments congratulating me and asking how Samantha and I are doing! :) We are great! It's crazy how much she has grown and changed in only two months. I feel blessed to be able to watch her grow.  And while I am trying to keep up with the blog I have found it more important to spend time with her and Eliana rather than posting regularly these past 2 months.  I hope to be back soon as Samantha has been getting into a great routine and I feel much more rested.  I still make fun lunches for Eliana every day (and try to post them to Instagram when I remember to take a picture lol) but I look forward to making some more fun food creations and sharing with you all soon!  ♥ Michelle

p.p.s. Please excuse the amount of exclamation points in this post. I seriously cannot contain my excitement!!!!!!!!!!! hehe :)


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