Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Rudolph Pancakes

Rudolph Pancakes: A Fun and Easy Christmas Breakfast Idea! 

With Christmas right around the corner I made these simple Rudolph pancakes for Eliana! I was in a pancake making mood so I figured I'd make some fun shaped ones for her :)

These were really simple.  I took my homemade pancake mix and added cocoa powder to add some color and extra flavoring and they came out great!

To make these Rudolph Pancakes:
First mix up your pancake mix, homemade or boxed. (Mix it well so there are no bumps.)  I then added some cocoa powder (didn't measure) and I used that batter to make Rudolph's head.  His head is very simple-- just a circle.  You can use a squeeze bottle or just simply pour the batter onto your griddle.  I made a few pancakes with this batter before making the antlers.

To make the antlers darker I added more cocoa powder to the remaining batter.  This batter I put into a squeeze bottle and roughly drew out some antlers. To make the antlers you have to draw the outline on the skillet (on low heat) first.  Once your outline has cooked a little bit then you can fill in the rest of the shape with the pancake batter.  Once your entire pancake shape is almost fully cooked gently flip it so it can cook on the other side.

I used two mini chocolate chips and a Hershey-ets for the nose (peanut free and nut free!) and Rudolph was all set! Eliana LOVED him! 

...And now I have the Rudolph song stuck in my head now... and maybe you do too? You are so very welcome ;) I can't believe Christmas is in ONE WEEK!! :)

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