Monday, December 16, 2013

Elf Sandwich

I found one of Santa's elves in my kitchen! ;)
While I have no fascination, or desire to attempt, the whole Elf on a shelf thing; I do happen to think elves are cute (just not in creepy doll form ;)) I made this cute and simple elf sandwich for Eliana last week and she loved it! Your kiddos could easily make it themselves, it would be a fun Christmas treat!... or your elf on your shelf can make it for them :) I got inspiration from our Santa we made last year. I swapped out the red bell pepper for the green and made his hat look more like an elf's hat! :)

To make this elf I made a wowbutter sandwich (with Enjoy Life Foods mini chocolate chips inside) and cut it with my circle cookie cutter. I made his ears by using a heart cutter on some bread and then cutting it down the middle.  Half of a heart goes on either side to make his ears! I decorated his face with cheese hair, mini chocolate chip eyes and mouth.  Then I used a circle cutter and made him a green nose out of bell pepper.

To make his elf hat it was really simple--I used a green pepper.  Instead of trying to cut out a hat shape, I just used the natural shape of the vegetable and just cut down the ribs of the pepper.  I added some cheese decorations to make it look more like a hat, and that was it! Eliana loved him and ate him all up-- she only asked me to cut up the bell pepper after she finished everything else because she wanted to eat it sliced :)

I think he is super cute, what do you think?!

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