Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Silly Spider Snack

EEEEK! There's a spider on my plate!
Well, not a real spider ;) I made this easy Silly Spider Snack for Eliana yesterday! It was her after school snack and she loved it! It's a cute Halloween snack and would work great in a lunchbox too!

I had some leftover pancake mix so I decided to make use of it and make some cute little spiderweb pancakes. To make these pancakes all you'll need is your favorite pancake batter (fully mixed with no bumps) and a squeeze bottle to "draw" on the skillet.

These pancakes were much more fragile and delicate than normal pancakes so I let them cook fully (on low heat) on just the one side.  If I had tried to flip them before they were fully cooked they probably would have broken. When the spiderweb pancakes were fully cooked they were slightly crispy and crunchy because they were so thin.  To remove them from the skillet make sure to do so carefully otherwise they will break.

I served the crispy spiderweb pancakes with a yogurt spider!  I used my spider silicone cup (found at A.C. Moore's) and filled it with yogurt and added chocolate chips for the spider's "face". 

This was such a fun, easy and silly snack that I whipped up quickly before picking Eliana up from school! AND she absolutely loved it! She did however ask for more chocolate chips once she finished hers... she definitely got her sweet tooth from me ;) 

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