Friday, September 6, 2013

Space Themed Fun Food

A Round up of Out of This World, Space Themed Fun Food!
This week Eliana only had two days of school because of the holidays. She also requested starfruit this week so I made her some starry school lunches! :) Both school lunches I shared earlier on Instagram this week. I carried the star/space theme into her lunch on Thursday and then all these stars got me to thinking about previous lunches and fun food I've posted before.  So I decided to put them all together in one post to share with you!  And yes.... I know Mars looks a lot like Saturn but hey now I tried ;)

Starry School Lunch:
This lunch is a star sandwich, filled with wowbutter cinnamon and honey cut with a star cookie cutter.  Cheese stars surround the sandwich. She had raspberries and sliced starfruit in the other compartments. Her lunch was packed in an EasyLunchbox, inside her Bixbee Purple Sparkalicious Lunch bag. I added a lunchbox love note too :)

Simple Star Bento
On Wednesday she had a simple half sandwich (wowbutter and sliced strawberry slices) with cheese star cutout decorations. I decided to add "star" in organic fruit leather too. In her star silicone cup she had some Space Goldfish.  She had yogurt decorated with star and moon sprinkles and she had sliced starfruit all packed in her yubo lunchbox.  I added a lunchbox love note that reminded her to do her best, which is actually one of her classroom rules so I thought that worked out perfectly :)

Saturn Lunch:
Eliana was home on Thursday so staying with the star and space theme I made her an a super simple Saturn Lunch. It was a ham and cheese sandwich on a sun dried basil tortilla, cut with a circle cookie cutter.  I then used a piece of cheese to make a ring around the planet. Space goldfish and little cheese circle stars surrounded Saturn.  She also had white nectarine slices (not pictured).  This was a smaller lunch since at home we do tend to snack more throughout the day.

In addition to this weeks starry lunches I've posted a few other starry/space lunches in the past:
I made this Earth lunch for Earth day last year. Using a spinach tortilla and a little bit of food coloring on cheese I made the Earth! The Earth cookies were an extra touch. For more details on this lunch click here.

This Mars Bento Lunch was a quick lunch to make! Eliana had a ham and cheese "Mars" packed in her EasyLunchbox.  More details on this lunch here.

For Earth Day this year I made Eliana some Earth Day Yogurt Parfaits! A drop of food coloring, topped with peanut free and nut free granola.  So soo simple and Eliana loved it! For more details see here.

This Mars on a plate lunch was also super simple.  Sliced starfruit, space goldfish and a circle cookie cutter do wonders! More details on this lunch here.

And I can't forget the SUN, which is the center of our solar system! I made Eliana a DIY Sun Cracker platter and she made her own sun crackers and had a lot of fun too! It was an activity and a snack combined all in one. For more details see here.

I have a feeling more space and starry lunches will be made this year... :)

Happy Friday everyone!! :)

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  1. I love all the space theme lunches

  2. The lunches are very creative and fun! I love the different earths you made. :)

  3. Your space themed lunches are great. I really love the Saturn lunch. Pinning!

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

  4. You're so creative and amazing, you must have a really awesome and handsome husband.

  5. I want to try the star fruit for myself as well as everyone else in my house... =) What kind of flavor does it have? Cute lunches as always! See you on IG this week. Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Liezl!! We love starfruit! I can't describe from memory haha but its light and fruity. Not a strong taste at all-- I love making drinks out of it too.

  6. I love all of them Michelle, they are all super cute and creative! Need to pin now and show my hubby later, he is a huge space fan,hehe:)

  7. So many adorable lunches!! Love them!

  8. Such a cute theme Michelle! I really like how you colorized the yogurt to look like an earth-very clever!

  9. Oh my gosh.. seeing them all together is a great idea. Your space lunches are fantastic!

  10. These are all so wonderful! I can't pick a favourite, but the Earth Day parfait is just beautiful!
    Thank you for linking up at #FunFoodFriday!


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