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Simple LunchBots School Lunches

Simple School Lunches (but still fun and creative!) :)
Although I may not considered a "newbie" lunch packer I certainly feel like it.  I've been making bentos and packed lunches for Eliana for a while now even though she has been at home with me.  I have never had to make her packed lunches consistently, or plan ahead really.  I usually made them right on the spot and she would help me by asking what she wanted to make, eating the scraps, and by cutting out her sandwiches.  

Now that she is in kindergarten I make her lunch the night before and I'm coming to realize my brain is usually fried at that point.  When I was making her lunch at home I could make more elaborate lunches and spend more time on them, but now that I am packing and doing this every night- simple is best for me. I still make the lunches fun, but not every one is super detailed. These are examples of what some of her lunches have looked like the past two weeks:

Simple Ladybug School Lunch in a LunchBots Trio:
In this lunch Eliana had a ham and cheese circle sandwich with a cheddar cheese decoration on top; a ladybug container filled with sliced pineapple (with a bento pick inside), and sliced green pepper and some baby carrots all packed in her LunchBots Trio.

So I thought this lunch was a WIN. So simple, so cute-- it took maybe five minutes to put it all together. Except it wasn't. It was a complete fail (according to Eliana.) When I picked her up from school she told me immediately how she did not like her lunch.  She did not like carrots, she did not "feel" like eating the green peppers and that the sandwich tasted "weird". sigh. She basically only at the pineapple (and her whole snack, which is packed separately, during snack time). You win some, you lose some.  I shouldn't have been so surprised considering Eliana is a picky eater but for some reason I was.  She loves bell pepper so I wasn't expecting her to come home with a full lunch! But heyyy It will still a very simple lunch and I did recreate it with different ingredients for other lunches that week and they were not considered fails!

Cheese and Crackers Sandwiches in a LunchBots Quad:
Eliana loves to make cheese and cracker sandwiches.  So in her LunchBots Quad I packed sliced green grapes, raspberries, crackers and cheddar cheese slices.  I put the crackers and cheese in silicone cups to keep them from getting any moisture from the fruits.  I also cut the cheese into pretty flowers for fun.  

All the scraps from the flowers go into my packed lunch or snack for the next day OR I just eat it then. I pack Eliana and my lunches at the same time and take all her scraps.  Then I pack hubby's lunch separately.  He can't get by on scraps and needs a heartier meal ;)

Eliana loved her cheese and cracker sandwiches so much she asked that I make it a few more times, which of course I did :) I switched out the fruits and added some veggies and changed up the design of the cheese.  It may not be enough for some kiddos with bigger appetites but this is the perfect size meal for my talker. She also always has a separately packed snack for their snacktime. They get about 30 minutes for lunch and 10 minutes for snack but she talks a lot and is a slow eater.  So I make her meals according to her appetite.  Any food she doesn't finish during lunchtime and/or snacktime becomes her after school snack.

Simple Snack Sampler in a LunchBots Quad:
This is another simple school lunch that I have been sending with Eliana for lunches.  I forget to take pictures of all the lunches I make, but this snack sampler lunch is a winner with her! I've made similar ones over and over for her. I made this specific snack box while we had to eat lunch on the go (before school started). You can read more details about this lunch HERE.

How it all fits in her lunch bag:
I've also been finding that I am loving my LunchBots for small compact lunches.  They work so perfectly and I love how they fit inside her smaller lunch bags (Skip Hop Hippo Zoo Lunchies Lunch Bag shown above) with her thermos and ice pack altogether (ice pack is underneath.) Eliana has been liking it too! She has been forgetting her water bottle if it isn't in her lunchbox. But as she gets used to the transition and adjusts to school I can't wait to use other lunchboxes!

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  1. I love simple even though the over achiever always tries to come out of me!! (I need to out her in a box!) And I feel you... It does get overwhelming when you're making lunches every day & at the same time making them fun. =) But I'm sure Eliana has THE best lunches out of all the kids in her class... And they're healthy too!

    1. Thank you Liezl!! You are too kind! This whole packing lunch every day is getting tiring! LOL I'm going to try packing two days at a time to see if that helps this week :)


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