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How to Use Angry Birds Lip Pops

How to Use Angry Birds Lip Pops
Lip Pops! Do you remember those suckers? I used to LOVE them. Funny tho, I don't actually let Eliana have them. They are just pure sugar. junk. And my child has more than enough energy without sugar alone. Try putting her to bed at night and you'll see why we are strict on unneeded sugar ;) 

But sometimes lip pops come with the cutest designs ever and you just want to buy them! Why not repurpose them into healthier snacks and meals?! When I found these Angry Bird Lip Pops at my grocery store for $1 each, I knew I had to do just that.
I let my lip pops sit in hot water so the candy dissolved first.  (I did let Eliana take a few licks but there was no way I was going to let her finish the whole thing! lol) When the candy is completely dissolved I am free to use the lip pop like any bento decoration I have! First I made some simple Angry Birds snacks for Eliana that worked perfectly for an after school snack:
These Angry Birds Snacks are seriously so cute and so easy to make! Eliana loved them both! You could use any fruits and vegetables-- I used what I had in my fridge at the moment :)

To make the Angry Birds Pig Fruit snack I started off with a small bowl.  I placed green grapes on the bottom, and then sliced grapes on top for the face.  His eyes are sliced apples with mini chocolate chips.  I stuck the lip pop ring in the middle and voila! Its a fruity pig! Eliana LOVED him! To make the ears stick up I used toothpicks to hold the grapes and had them rest on the side of the bowl.

To make this Red Angry Birds Snack I used a red bell pepper.  I put some sliced bell pepper in the bowl and then took about half of a bell pepper and stuck the lip pop ring into it.  I again used sliced apple and mini chocolate chips for the eyes.  For his eyebrows I used sliced plum.  Super easy and fun to make! Next time I might use a red apple instead, but I didn't have any this time around.

I also used the Angry Birds Lip Pops to make some EASY fun and creative lunches:
These lunches were seriously so easy and simple to make. Eliana loved them both!  And I loved how sticking a lip pop into a simple circle instantly transformed my plain lunches into Angry Birds!

To make this Angry Birds Pig Bento I made Eliana a WOWBUTTER, honey and cinnamon sandwich, cut with my circle cutter.  For the eyes I cut two pieces of cheese and used chocolate chips.  I "glued" the cheese down with a dab of WOWBUTTER.  I cut two little circles for ears ("glued" down as well) and then I stuck the lip pop right into the sandwich!  She also had grapes and "pig noses" (cucumber slices).

For her snack she had some Angry Birds Cheddar Crackers.

I think I am partial to the Angry Bird Pigs. For some reason I think they are just so cute!

I also made Eliana a Red Angry Bird Lunch.  To make this lunch I again made a sandwich, cut it with a circle cutter.  The eyes are cheese slices with chocolate chips.  The eyebrows  and tail feathers are sliced plum.  She had sliced plum and cucumber and red pepper "sticks". And while I later attached the eyebrows to the sandwich using spaghetti noodles they probably fell off in transit (I'll have to ask) ... but Eliana loved him! And honestly that matters more to me! :)

For her snack she has some Angry Birds Honey Grahams crackers.

For MORE awesome ideas on how to use Angry Bird Lip Pops in lunches please visit Nina at Mamabelly's Lunches With Love!

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  1. I love your Angry Bird Snacks! So adorable! Plus your sandwiches are just amazing! I love how you always make food look so perfect! Love Love Love your Angry Birds lunches!

  2. Such great uses for the pops! I love them :D

  3. can you make lunches for my kids, they would adore you!!

    1. you are too kind Michelle! As long as you make sweets and treats for my kiddo! then we'll trade off! ;)

  4. Awesome I hadn't seen the angry bird lip pops yet! Squee!

    1. I was so happy to see them too! I didn't even know they made them! :)

  5. i've never heard of a lip pop but will now be looking for them. CUTE! would love if you shared this over on #kidsinthekitchen this week http://lookwhatmomfound.com/2013/09/trying-dippy-eggs-kidsinthekitchen.html

  6. What a creative idea Michelle! These angry birds turned out soooooooo cute! I would never have thought of this idea but I love it! BTW....love all your pancake art creations you've been posting too!

  7. These turned out super cute! What a fun idea!

    I will be sharing this with my readers early next week. Thanks for linking up and have a GREAT weekend,
    Beth =)


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