Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Yubo Lunchbox Review

We got a new lunchbox!
Yubo is one of the cutest lunchboxes I've seen out there. Not only is it unique, customize-able and super cute, but it is also bpa FREE, recyclable and dishwasher safe (you can put the ENTIRE thing in the dishwasher!) There are also different custom containers, so you can order which containers you want for the inside. I have one large container and two small containers.
An entire yubo deluxe set comes with : Changeable faceplates (in this case the Sunny Garden personalized faceplate), Three containers and an ice pack, that all fit inside the yubo lunchbox. There is no need for a lunch bag because the box is big enough and carries everything. We also have a Yubo Drink Holder that attaches to the side. 

Some examples of water bottles that fit in the drink holder: (a big thank you to Nina for helping me compile this list!)
Nalgene Grip-N-Gulp Water Bottle
Thermos Funtainer 16 oz bottle
Thermos Tritan 12 oz Hydration bottle

What I love about the Yubo lunchbox:
*Everything is together -- no need for separate lunch bag or buying another ice pack. And the drink holder attaches to the base as well!
*Customizeable -- outer box has many color choices, changeable faceplates, inner containers come in different sizes and can be rearranged within the lunchbox.
*Changeable faceplates -- goes along with customizeable, but I want to point out how nice/cool it is to have the option to change them every once in a while! You get a whole new lunchbox look with just a change of the faceplate!
*Easy it is to open. Eliana has no trouble opening her yubo or the inner container lids by herself. 
*The inner containers have lids on them! You can pack things ahead of time separately and put in the fridge if need be.

The one negative I see about the yubo is that it is bulky and big in comparison to other lunchboxes. However Eliana loves it and doesn't mind it so it works for us!

Here is one of the lunches we have made and packed in our yubo:
I thought I'd make her first lunch packed in the yubo match the faceplates! On her faceplates there are flowers, a bee and a ladybug (and a butterfly but don't tell her that because I forgot..). In the large container she has a wowbutter spread (peanut free/nut free), honey and cinnamon flower sandwich with green pepper stem and flowers. In the grass is a ladybug pick.

In the two smaller containers Eliana has flower cucumbers (cut with a flower cutter ) and a bee pick. I put the scraps surrounding the cucumber flowers. In the other container she has sliced plum with a flower pick.

Eliana chose the green yubo and the faceplates herself. I wanted her to choose everything so that she would be excited about starting kindergarten and also excited about using her new lunchbox :) I still can't believe she is starting kindergarten this year!!! She is so excited and I have to admit that I'm also excited for her! 

Eliana has been wanting to go to school but since preschool costs the same as an apartment around here I've been homeschooling her. We weren't on any schedule but I tried to incorporate some learning into every day with a few workbooks here and there over the past years. I have enjoyed our time together, but teaching is not really my calling and I don't think I could continue it further. I hope that she continues her love for learning while in kindergarten :)

As Back to School is upon us, this is a great lunchbox to get. I'd highly recommend it! We'll be making more fun lunches in it so be on the lookout for that! :)

**Disclosure: Yubo sent me their green yubo lunchbox with personalized flower face plates for the purpose of this review. 
As always, all opinions expressed in this post are my own**


  1. Love your review! And your lunch is amazing! Love the cute picks and the sandwich flower!

    1. Thank you so much Nina! And thank you for your help compiling the list of water bottles too!! :)

  2. such a beautiful lunch! Love the lady bug on the leaf :-)

  3. This is awesome!

  4. I have a random question - how do you prevent the cute foods from jumbling up when you pick the container up?

    1. Rebekah, the best way is to make sure it is tightly packed -- or putting a cloth napkin folded up inside to hold it in place. Sometimes you can use honey as "glue" to make sure fun food doesn't move too. :)


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