Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Day of School!

Today is Eliana's first day at school!!
This morning I dropped off Eliana for her first day of school! My baby is in Kindergarten!! She was so excited to go to school today as soon as she woke up she changed her clothes, got her packback and she was ready before the rest of us! We had to slow her down and told her she had to eat breakfast first but I am thankful she is that excited to go!

This is her first time in school so this is a transition for the both of us! I have been home with her the past 5 1/2 years and this will be the first time I haven't been with her all day.  I am more nervous because of her peanut and nut allergy than anything else.  She is in an nut free classroom and sits at the nut free table at lunch but it still gives me anxiety to not be in control of her environment anymore. However her teacher and the school nurses are absolutely lovely and I am positive she is in good hands.  I'm also thankful Eliana is so articulate about her allergy and can speak up for herself.  But like any other allergy mom I am still anxious! Lots of transitions and adjustments happening for us in our family and I'm sure with many other families as well!

Her first packed school lunch is a bee lunch in her yubo lunchbox. Before school started we talked about how she needed to bee kind, bee nice and bee respectful at school so I thought making a bee lunch would be cute :)
Her lunch was half a sandwich (crusts cut off and cut into two mini sandwiches) of WowButter, sliced strawberries and mini chocolate chips.  On top I had Scrabble Jr. Cheez-Its spell out "BEE".  In her bee silicone cup she has some colby jack cheddar cheese cut up.  She also had strawberries with a bee pick, and some yellow bell peppers (because bees are yellow :)) All packed in her yubo lunchbox. I even put a little peanut free/nut free sticker (comes with the Wowbutter) on top of her lunch.

I almost forgot a drink, but then did attach the drink holder afterwards! I completely forgot about having to pack a drink to be honest! First time school lunch packer here! I have some adjusting to do too :) 

Even though I have packed us lunches before she has never had to go off with it to school so this is a fun and new experience.  And I love making her fun food for lunch because I hope it will remind her how much I love her.  Making fun food is something we love to do together so while I can't be in school with her I can make her some fun food and hopefully put a smile on her face :) 

 I can't wait to pick her up later today and hear how her first day went!! :)

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  1. OMG.. How cute is she?! Great first day of school lunch!

  2. She looks so sweet! Your lunch looks fantastic as well! They grow up so fast. I packed my daughter's lunch for pre-k last year and it's killing me she'll be a kindergartner this year! Can't believe it. Your lunches are off to a great start! They already look better than mine. :P

  3. Happy first day! Wonderful lunch to start the year :D

  4. So cute and your daughter is just adorable!!!

  5. I'd be smiling ear to ear if i opened that in my lunch :) would you mind sharing that on our #kidsinthekitchen linky this week


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