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Back To School Essentials: Lunch Bag Edition

Back to School Essentials: Lunch Bag Edition
Because Eliana starts school at the end of the August I decided to dedicate this entire month to Back to School Essentials! Every week I will be sharing a different essentials list. These lists are also for me to get myself organized too, being that this is our first "back to school" experience! :)

In my first edition of Back to School Essentials I covered my personal favorite Lunchboxes.  In this post I'm going to go over my personal favorite lunch bags! Again, I'm going to start off my saying that I do not own a lot of lunch bags, nor is this a full compilation of ALL the lunch bags available out there.  I'm simply sharing my personal favorite lunch bags with you and why I like them so much. :)
My favorite lunch bags are by EasyLunchboxes, Bixbee, Skip Hop Zoo and Thermos.(numerical order is not in order of preference; I like all the boxes for various reasons)

1. EasyLunchboxes Insulated Lunch Bag
We have been using our Easylunchbox lunch bags for over a year and a half and they are still like new! I always send hubby to work with the black one every day. The purple one we haven't used as much yet. They are very easy to clean-- I usually just wipe them down because we haven't gotten them very dirty. With Eliana starting school this year we'll be thankful they are machine washable!

What I love:
*Good sized lunch bag-- can fit three EasyLunchboxes tightly, or two Easylunchboxes with drinks and an ice pack. I usually send it with one lunchbox and snacks, but I like the fact it fits more lunchboxes inside!
*It fits many styles of lunchboxes-- not just EasyLunchboxes.
*Comes in 7 color choices (black, orange, pink, purple, aqua, olive, and dark red)
*can be used for adults and kids
*machine washable
*holds lunch upright

*may be considered too big for some people
*may be too plain/not personalized (But in that case you can decorate it your self! For more fun ideas see HERE)

2. Bixbee Lunch Bags
We just got our Sparkalicious Lunch Bag and we love it! Bixbee Lunch Bags come in a variety of colors-- all the same design so there are plenty of choices for you!  I love how they are compact and fit everything you need in it. To see full review of the Purple Sparkalicous Lunch Bag please see HERE.

What I love:
*GLITTER! (only relative to the Sparkalicious bags)
*Color choices: Sparkalicious style in purple or pink; Signature style in blue, red, pink or purple.
*fits an array of lunchboxes (see picture below)
From Left to Right: Lunchbots, EasyLunchboxes, Angry Birds Bento box
*doesn't hold lunchbox upright, may be a bother to some people.
*smaller-- so larger lunchboxes will not fit inside

p.s. if you are really think this bag is cute you'll want to enter my giveaway for a chance to win a signature lunch bag! (winner gets to choose which color!)

3. Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies Lunch Bags
We have the Hippo Zoo Lunchies Lunch Bag and we LOVE it! Not only is it absolutely adorable, it is durable and easy to wash. All of Eliana's lunchboxes fit inside it (expect for the yubo which is a lunchbox and bag in itself.) 

They also make super cute backpacks that match! I almost bought one for Eliana but she didn't seem to care as much for the backpack and sadly did not pay attention to my "come over here and check these out!" But that might have only been because I was looking online and not in an actual store. Hmmm.... (do you see how I am slightly trying to convince her and myself that she needs one?) ...maybe I just wish that I had these when I was a kid? 

What I Love:
*cute factor x infinity!
*Multiple animals to choose from (owl, dog, cat, frog, penguin, shark, ladybug, zebra, etc..)
*inside mesh pocket -- to put utensils or napkins
*holds different sized lunchboxes (see picture below)
From Left to Right: LunchBots, EasyLunchboxes
(other smaller boxes would fit as well) 

*doesn't hold lunchbox upright, may be a bother to some people.
*smaller-- so larger lunchboxes will not fit inside

4. Thermos Lunch Duffle Bag
Thermos has multiple lunch bags and ALL of them are awesome.  The one I use and like the most is the Thermos Lunch Duffle Bag. I mostly use it for myself, not for Eliana, but I figured I'd include it in my list.  I love that it holds my Easylunchboxes upright, and I can fit my lunch, snack, drink(s) and ice pack inside. I sometimes pack both of our lunches and snacks in it if we are going out and will be eating on the go.

What I Love:
*Large sized bag--  I can fit everything I need for lunch, snack and drinks and be all set!
*doesn't look like a "lunch bag". To me it looks more like a purse :)
*different design options
*large zippered opening 

*size -- if you want something smaller for your kiddos this will most likely be too big
*bulky -- goes with the size. It is larger and bulkier so if you need to squeeze your lunch bag in a small space this may not work well.


I know this list isn't very inclusive, especially since I am only relying on the lunch bags we have owned, have experience with and liked, but these are our favorites and they have worked for us! What are your favorite lunch bags?

Make sure to check out my Back to School Essentials: Lunchboxes list!
p.s. Stay tuned for my Back to School Essentials: Fun Food Cutters list next week!

**Disclosure: I was not compensated by any of these companies for this post. 
I created this list to share my favorite lunch bags with you**

For more Creative Fun Food stay connected!

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