Friday, July 26, 2013

Quick And Easy Bentos

Quick and Easy Mommy & Me bento lunches!
I made these lunches the first week of July and I am just now getting to them! I've been a bit slow this month but I thought I would share these with you today :)

I want to start off by saying that I don't always take pictures every day of our lunches. First because I'm lazy because we are sometimes too hungry and I just make them on the spot and we munch immediately (and that means even cute food that doesn't get blogged sometimes!) And Second they aren't always the most gorgeous detailed super special lunches. But I decided I wanted to share these because they aren't anything super special. I wanted to show you that not every day I make the most detailed fun and creative lunches. Sometimes I need to make lunches really quick because I'm running late. Late like I'm-late-for-my-doctor's-appointment-and-I-should-have-packed-these-last-night late.

I made these two lunches in less than ten minutes total. Including washing and cutting of the fruit. Like I mentioned, I was running out the door because I was running late for an appointment and I realized that I should probably bring lunch in case we got hungry. Especially because my appointment was close to our lunchtime and I had no clue how long we'd be there. Our lunches were basically the same :)

Eliana's lunch:
Eliana's Lunch was in her LunchBots Quad; pretzels, a Babybel cheese, green grapes and strawberries with an elephant bento pick. I used silicone cups to add some color and plus it also means washing the box afterwards is just a simple rinse!

Mommy's lunch:
My Lunch was in an EasyLunchbox. In the top I have green grapes (I get the beat up ones that turn slightly brownish that Eliana won't eat lol) and cut strawberries with a bunny bento pick.  In my silicone cups I had a jalapeño cheese stick cut up and pretzels next to my Soynut butter with honey and cinnamon sandwich. And no. My cheese stick is not moldy. Its just jalapeño pieces. I realized afterwards that probably looks horrible in the photo... but they are really tasty :)

And that's it! SUPER easy. Sometimes you just have to move really quick -- not that I ever know anything about that because we are always on time and this almost never happens (cough cough) but anyways everything worked out and we both enjoyed our lunches! :)

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