Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fun with FunBites!

Having Fun with our FunBites!
We made these cute and fun snacks the other day with our FunBites Cube it and I wanted to share them!  There are two FunBites cutters right now: the Cube it! and the Luv it! I love the Cube it, not only because it cuts everything in perfectly beautiful squares, but because with the squares I feel that your creativity has no limits! :)
The FunBites Cube it cutter cuts your food into 12 small squares. It is so simple to use and you can use it on nearly anything too. My favorite fruits to use it with are watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple and honeydew. To make the pineapple squares come out easier I cut the pineapple slices thin.

It works easily on any breads, pancakes, french toast slices, pizza, cold cuts, and cheeses too. Eliana loves when I make her mini Wowbutter, honey and cinnamon sandwiches. I make a normal sandwich and then use the cutter to make the pieces bite sized. I also like to cut a bunch of fruit with the cutter and then we get to play with our food. We made some cute snacks with our Cube it:
To make this cute Fruity Fish Snack use your Funbites Cube it cutter on cantaloupe.  For the fish lips you can just take one of the cantaloupe squares and use a knife to cut out a triangle. Below the fish I cut some pineapple and watermelon for the ocean floor :) The bubbles are Cheerios. This was so simple and easy to make and Eliana loved it! :)
To celebrate Spring weather and all the beautiful flowers blooming up we made this cute FunBites Flowerpot Snack. Using the Cube it cutter I cut watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple and bread. I used a slice of green pepper to make the stem. On the side I had honey for her to dip her bread into if she wanted to. This would be a perfect project for kids to make by themselves! If you have all the fruit cut up for them they could make their own designs :)
I also made this cute lion snack for Eliana to munch on. I cut cantaloupe, pineapple, watermelon and bread (crust side up) to make the lion.  Some of the cubes I cut in half or in other shapes to make the designs for his face and tail. 

...So looking back at the picture now I think our lion looks a little grumpy haha but I still find him to be super cute! And Eliana loved him so that is really all that matters :)

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**Disclosure: FunBites asked for us to have some fun with their products in exchange for an upcoming review and giveaway.  However all opinions expressed in this post are my own**
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  1. so fun! and for my kids obsessed with legos and mine craft this would be a huge hit!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I was thinking about making more and making one with minecraft!!! :)

  2. What fun you had with cubes! Ingenious. The lion IS the King of the Jungle so he's supposed to look fierce. Try turning his lips so they point up and turn his frown into a smile. Or...add another 2 tiny pieces pointing up to his current lips. Either way - he's a great lion and ready to roar.

    I predict many more cube animals in your near future and the cubes are just the right size for little hands. By using cheese of various colors your flower is instantaneously changed into a sun. Using the Cube-It ensures all your squares are identical in size and makes the project a real time saver.

    Kids will be quick to gobble up their fruit, displayed in such a fun way. Thanks for the ideas.


    1. Exactly why I love the Cube it so much! :) Thank you Tavette! :)

  3. I like that there is no waste unlike other shapes . Would love if you came by to share on our #kidsinthekitchen linky

  4. These asre super cute !!! I jus love the beautiful mosaic forms u've created with it.


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