Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Snowflake Bento Lunch

A Snowflake filled lunch!
We made this lunch last week during the snow. We got another dusting of snow last night which reminded me I had this picture in my camera! This snowflake filled lunch was made in our EasyLunchboxes.

Eliana had a WOWBUTTER and honey snowflake sandwich, cut with a snowflake cookie cutter. On top of the sandwich are a few pieces of cheese cut with a mini snowflake cutter.  Surrounding the sandwich are snowflake wafers.. mostly there for pretty factor as they have little to no taste :)

In the upper right she has stacked cucumbers cut with a mini snowflake cutter

In the bottom right she had edamame in a blue square silicone cup. Eliana loves edamame, but I realized afterwards this may have been too much because she didn't finish it all. She did love the lunch though and she asked me for more snowflake lunches :) So we will probably make another one in honor of the one inch of snow we got last night! 

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