Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Simple Snowflake Cookies

Simple Snowflake Cookies [decorated with frozen yogurt]
As I mentioned in my last post, lately we've been big on simple.  Since we woke up with some  snow (only a few inches here in Massachusetts) I thought these would be the perfect treat to share today! In our Savorfull December box we had gotten some Enjoy Life Sugar Crisp Crunchy Cookies and we loved them! We also love the fact that all Enjoy Life Brand products are top 8 allergen free :) While these cookies are absolutely yummy by themselves we decided to have some fun with them!

To make these Simple Snowflake Cookies all you need is your sugar cookie of choice (we used Enjoy Life Foods Sugar Crisp Cookies), vanilla yogurt and a Ziploc bag.

Put a few spoonfuls of your vanilla yogurt into a Ziploc bag.  Close your Ziploc bag and place into the freezer.  Let your yogurt freeze for a few minutes. After your yogurt is frozen cut the tip of the bottom of the bag.  Fold the bag over and push all the yogurt close to the hole.  You can then "pipe" your design as you would with royal icing, or any icing.  We chose to make snowflakes.  And when I say we I mean that Eliana chose to make snowflakes and I piped them :)
I also added some cute edible snowflake wafers to the plate that I found in the store.  They taste almost like nothing but Eliana loves them because they are pretty :)

Freezing the yogurt will make it easier to pipe your design.  Plus Eliana thought it was some "amazing" snack and it really only took me about not even a minute to make, not counting freeze time!
We also took a cookie that had already broken and made a mini yogurt parfait.  I put some vanilla yogurt into a square silicone cup and topped it with some crushed cookie.  Eliana loved it! She ate it as a snack between meals :) 
Simple works wonders lately! :)

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