Friday, January 25, 2013

Layered Heart Bento Lunch

Layered Heart Bento: A Fun and Simple Valentine's Day Lunch Idea!

Eliana had asked for another layered heart sandwich so we together we made this lunch packed in our Easylunchboxes!

In the main compartment Eliana has her layered heart sandwich made with my nesting heart cookie cutters. Eliana made the sandwich all by herself!  She did all the cutting and I placed the sandwich together :) First use a larger heart cutter to cut your whole wheat bread (you can save those crusts to make some French Toast Sticks!) Then use the smaller heart cookie cutters with each next layer.  These layers are ham and cheese.  The smallest heart is cut from organic fruit leather. Beside the sandwich she has some stacked red bell pepper hearts (four total).

In the upper left compartment she had raspberries with a cute frog pick that she chose herself :)

In the upper right compartment she has vanilla yogurt in a mini dipper, nestled in a heart silicone cup.  I made a heart out of Enjoy Life Foods mini chocolate chips ontop of the yogurt. 

It was a such a simple lunch to make and we had a lot of fun making it together.  Eliana asked for yet another layered heart lunch after she finished eating... so I'm sure we will be making more :)

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