Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Creative Fun Food Posts of 2012!

With today being the last day of 2012 I decided to do a round up of the 
top 10 Creative Fun Food posts of 2012!

2012 is almost over! Is it me or did this year fly by? I don't know about you but I am ready for 2013. Ready for a new year, a new beginning, a fresh start. There is something so wonderful about a clean slate. I hope and pray that 2013 is a wonderful year!

Here are the top 10 most viewed posts of 2012: 
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We made these cute Baby Chick Chocolates out of leftover M&M's from Eliana's birthday party. They were such a hit and so easy to make! And they are Sooo cute! No wonder they were one of the most viewed post of 2012! :)

We made this super simple jello dessert recipe for St. Patrick's Day! Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Jello cut into Shamrock shapes! The ice cream floats to the top and makes a separate layer.

Eliana wanted a rainbow birthday party for her 4th birthday.  Like I mention in the post there are millions of rainbow party ideas out there but what I wanted was simple. No printouts. No labels. No incredible amounts of candy. And most of all I did not want it to be super expensive.  It was the perfect party! We had only family and a few close friends.  My friend Kristen of Pixelated Crumb made Eliana's birthday cake! It was GORGEOUS! :) Her husband Joseph took this amazing picture of our display table :)

Eliana loves Angry Birds (and is better at the game than me...) so I made a simple lunch based loosely on the Spring version of Angry Birds Seasons for her. It was made complete with a pretzel rod slingshot :)

We made some ladybug pancakes and then I reminisce and share pictures from Eliana's 3rd birthday party (which was ladybug themed!) You'll find lots of cute ladybug ideas in that post! :)

This is probably my favorite lunch of the year.  It wasn't the easiest lunch I've ever made but the look on Eliana's face was priceless and worth all the trouble!  It also taught me the importance of planning your creative lunch ahead of time instead of making it up on the spot :)

The spiderweb made with pretzel sticks and vanilla candy melts (or white chocolate) sits ontop of a full sandwich. You can easily make the spiderweb beforehand to save time :)

Eliana had requested a Very Hungry Caterpillar lunch after refinding her book so we made a simple snack and a bento lunch! I used a straw to make holes in the strawberries because on Thursday the Very Hungry Caterpillar ate through 4 strawberries :)

When I stumbled over this recipe I knew it was going to be a hit with our family! This is a family favorite recipe now and it is seriously the simplest snack to make!

I graduated this year!!!! and I made some Chocolate Graduation Caps for ME :) (if I ever make some again I'd use suncups (peanut/nut-free) so Eliana could eat them! When I made these Chocolate Graduation Caps we were unaware of her allergy, we just knew she didn't like peanut butter and wouldn't eat it)

Bonus Posts: (They were Sooo close to the top ten I had to include them!)

A simple Do It Yourself snack for Kids. Perfect for Thanksgiving! They can put together their own turkey crackers and snack on them while Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared :)

With the use of a sandwich stamper I made this super cute and simple car lunch!

Who would have known? A peanut free Circus Elephant for my peanut free princess! (also includes a discussion on her allergy)

A butterfly sandwich that was almost too beautiful to eat ;) It was so simple to make! I just used what vegetables and fruit we had, but you can easily use what you have in your fridge!

Even though I just made Frosty this month he is quickly becoming one of my (and your!) favorites.  Such a simple, healthy and creative lunch :) Eliana has already requested more Frosty lunches, and of course I will make them! I love that she will eat all that cucumber and bell pepper with no complaints :)

So those were the top Creative Fun Food Posts of 2012!
Thank YOU for making these the top viewed posts of Creative Food! I love them all. I had so much fun this year making every single one of our creations in 2012!  I can't wait to see what creative and fun food we will make in 2013 :)

Happy New Year!! See you in 2013! :)


  1. i love them all so much!!!! (didn't know you did a rainbow party too :)

  2. These are totally cute ideas! I am pinning this post.

  3. Perfect options for children parties. I'm sure that such food will be definitely eaten by any kid. I have some useful info for mommies about buying food efficiently:
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  4. I'm so glad that the oatmeal energy bites made the list - they're my favorite!!

    1. Thanks Kristen! They are one of our favorites too... and I haven't made them in a while... maybe I'll make some this week and send you one(or two ;))! :)

  5. What an amazing year! My favorite one is the chocolate candy chicks! They were so so cute! Have a wonderful 2013!

  6. Such a FABULOUS line up! LOVE the turkeys! :)

  7. Michelle, these ideas of your are just so, so, so creative and cute! The angry bird ideas are way to cute! Great ladybug pancakes too!


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