Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa Bento Lunch

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!
Eliana and I made this simple, fun and healthy Santa bento in our EasyLunchboxes yesterday for lunch. It was SO simple and easy to make!  I tried to simplify Santa so I could make him easily and quickly--I think he turned out cute! :)

In the main compartment is Santa of course! Santa is a wowbutter and honey sandwich cut with a circle cookie cutter.  On top he has a cheese beard that I cut with my circle cookie cutter. His hat is red bell pepper with cheese details.  I had wanted to use fruit leather but I didn't have any the right color so we made do with bell pepper! Enjoy Life Foods mini chocolate chips were used for eyes, and his nose is red bell pepper cut with a mini cutter. I used food markers to draw his mouth. All details could be easily "glued" down with a touch of honey or wowbutter.

In the upper left compartment Eliana had frozen peas. 

In the upper right compartment she had vanilla yogurt with a few sprinkles inside a mini dipper.

Eliana loved this Santa lunch! She ate it all up, which always makes me happy :)

While we don't "do Santa" in our house we still have fun with him! :) David and I had decided together that as a family we would always tell Eliana the truth about Santa--that he is a character--not our focal point on Christmas, because Jesus is the reason for the season! We wanted her to know that her presents came from her family and friends who love her, not Santa.  Even though Eliana knows Santa is a character she loves him just the same. I couldn't agree more: This Santa is certainly lovable. And delicious ;)

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  1. That's just plain awesome. My kids would probably love me a lot more if I did this stuff for them ;) I have a new saturday linky and would love to have you come by and share your fun ideas! Thanks!

  2. I just found your blog via "Let's Pack Lunch" and wanted to say that I'm loving your blog! I wanted to mention that we too have never "celebrated" Santa Claus but still have fun with him. Jesus is the Reason for the Season :-)


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