Monday, November 19, 2012

Kid's DIY Turkey Snack

Need the perfect healthy, creative and fun snack that also gives the kids something to do so you can finish up those last side dishes for Thanksgiving? Try this Kids DIY Turkey Snack! :)
Last week Eliana and I put together this cute Kids DIY Turkey Snack. It is a great idea for the kids table on Thanksgiving, and it is also works as a healthy snack for them to munch on while all the food is being prepared :)
For your Kids DIY Turkey Platter you will need:
Ritz Whole Wheat crackers
Bell Peppers (red, orange, yellow), sliced
Baby Carrots
Edible Candy Eyes
Ketchup, on the side (googly gobbly thing)
circle cutter 

Use your circle cutter to cut your turkey and cheese into circles.
Wash and cut your red, orange and yellow bell peppers.
Wash and cut your carrots. For the turkey feet cut a small round in half, to have two semi circles. For the nose use your knife to cut a triangle. For each turkey you need one triangle nose and two semi circles for feet.
Place everything out on a platter and let your kids make their own turkeys!
Keep the ketchup in a small bowl on the side and allow the kids to add their own details with a toothpick (or allow them to use fingers if they are too young for a toothpick)
You could leave a turkey snack as an example too :)
Eliana loved this snack! She had so much fun making her own turkeys! 
This is one of Eliana's turkeys:
She was so proud of her turkey and she was very specific on where she wanted to put everything... not like I know where she gets that from... ;) I think she did an amazing job! Not only did she enjoy making her own turkeys, she ate everything. Win-win situation! :)

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  1. What a cute do it yourself snack! I am going to pin this!

  2. Michelle, this is way too cute! I'm so doing just as instructed!! Thanks!! I hope you, Elaina, and hubby have a spectacular Thanksgiving Holiday!!

    1. Thank you!! It is seriously so easy to make and lots of fun! Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving week/weekend! :)

  3. I love this! So adorable and I love how you showed all the different pieces. Easy to follow :)


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