Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quick & Easy Pumpkin Bento

Sometimes you just need something quick and easy for lunch on the go...Because you don't feel like making lunch or you are starving and hangry and cannot think clearly (not that I would know anything about that feeling)... either way this Quick and Easy Pumpkin Bento took 5 minutes to make!
Packed in EasyLunchboxes I put together this super simple bento for Eliana the other day. She wanted pumpkin in every section so she got it!

In the main compartment she has a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch :) A ham and cheese sandwich on pumpkin spice swirl bread cut into a pumpkin shape with a cookie cutter. May not sound appetizing together but she always takes the slices apart and eats them separate anyways :) She LOVES this bread. And so do I...its quite addicting! I could probably eat a whole loaf by myself ;) I put sliced green peppers at the bottom to represent the "patch".

In the upper right she has a pumpkin chocolate chunk cookie. DELISH. Which reminds me.. I need to make more of those!

In the bottom right she has vanilla yogurt in a pumpkin silicone cup.  I put some Jack-o-Lantern Sprinkles on top for extra cuteness factor :)
Pumpkins in every section and it took me 5 minutes to put together :) 
Which is super important. When you are hangry. Or whatever..

Happy Thursday! :)

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  1. Quick, cute and awesome...awe man I gotta try and make that pumpkin bread...and the cookies ^-^!!Yummers

    1. Thanks Keisha! Next time I made the cookies I'll put them on here with the recipe too :)

  2. That bread does sound great. Do you have the recipe posted? (I just found and voted for you on Bento Blog Network!)

    1. April, I bought the bread! Its special edition pumpkin spice swirl pepperidge farm bread :) And Thank you for the vote!


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