Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ghostly Bananas

Happy Halloween!

Eliana and I made some Ghostly Bananas for a quick snack today! We cut one banana in half and stuck three Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips as the eyes and mouth in each ghost. 

Simple, easy, healthy and FREE from peanuts and nuts! That is my kind of treat! :)

Be safe tonight!!

Some other Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas (click on link below picture for more details):

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  1. Simple, and super cute! With you basic can never be boring! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Halloween Michelle!

    1. Thank you Keisha!! You are too sweet! Hope you had a fun Halloween too! :)

  2. Happy Halloween! Thanks for stopping by! I agree with BerryGirl...simple and cute! Who says Halloween has to be scary? =)

  3. I LOVE this, simple and cute! I hope you had a great Halloween:)


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