Friday, October 19, 2012

A Bug's Life Part 5

♪♫ Don't worry. Bee Happy ♫♪
This is A Bug's Life Lunch Part 5: Bee Happy. The final part of my self created series A Bug's Life Lunch :) I made one box of Crazy Bugs Mac & Cheese and used it in different lunches throughout that week. I chose to make all the lunches spring themed this time around. Maybe it was because I knew the weather was getting colder, but I love that these lunches remind me of spring. There is something to love about each season. And I love how spring reminds me of seeds, planting, flowers, growing, new birth, blooming and fresh starts. Refreshing and rejuvenating. :)

Bee Happy. I filled two bee silicone cups (found at Christmas Tree Shops) with the bug mac and cheese.  I used black beans as the stripes of the bees.

The two bees are flying around looking for flowers :) So I made some strawberry flowers with cucumber stems and grass. I added some bug cookies since they fit so perfectly with my spring bug theme :)

This was seriously so simple, and so easy to put together quickly! Eliana loved it! She actually loved each part of A Bug's Life Lunch. It was nice to make one box of mac and cheese and find creative ways to use it throughout the week. We may just have to do it again :) 

Here are parts 1 through 4 of A Bug's Life Lunch:
Part One: A Bug's Life Lunch: Flower Power
Part Two: A Bug's Life Lunch: EasyLunchbox Style
Part Three: A Bug's Life Lunch: Muffin Tin Meal Style
Part Four: A Bug's Life Lunch: Bento Style

It is so difficult to pick a favorite but if I had to pick I think I'd say Part Three. I've never made an entire meal out of Muffin Cups-- I usually only use one or two. So it was fun to have everything in a muffin cup! I think I might have to make some more Muffin Tin Meals :) 

Which is your favorite?

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  1. Michelle, these were all so girly and sweet!! Perfect for a tiny princes. I especially love #1 and #5 most because they have your classic "Creative Food" plate art look!But they all are just lovely!

  2. I can't find those bug grahams anymore! :( The kids loved them, too!

    1. aww Sorry Astrid! I've seen them at Target a few times! Maybe you'll have luck there?

  3. What a pretty lunch, I love it!!:) I have to look out for those graham bug bites, they are cute!

  4. My kids would love these bug macaroni and you've found many creative ways to use it! I really like how your bug picks look like their sitting on top of your rolled up lunch meat rollups. Such cuteness!

    1. Thanks Jenni!! Eliana loves this mac and cheese so I figured to just use it up different ways throughout the week. It was a real hit! I need to do it again :)

  5. I love all the little details! The lunches look amazing! Thank you for linking up to the!


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