Friday, September 21, 2012

Moo Cow Bento

A few weeks ago Horizon Organic sent us some goodies and we have been enjoying them! And just so you know: apparently when milk is in a milk box it tastes so much better (according to Eliana) ;)

This "Moo Cow" bento was super simple and very quick to make:
So I had needed to pack her a quick lunch and decided to use my Lock and Lock box (the exact model I believe is discontinued but I linked a similar one below.) I got the idea from Cristi at BentOnBetterLunches to put the milk box in the Lock and Lock. I love how everything fits in together so nice and snug all in one box!!

Eliana had a soynut butter sandwich (stacked) with "Moo" written out in cheese with my alphabet cutters in the upper right compartment. The "M" looks a little wonky to me but Eliana didn't seem to mind. I wonder if I used the "W" instead of the "M". Its going to drive me crazy for days but the point is she liked it.. and not that I am a crazy perfectionist...

Below the sandwich is the cucumber cow.  I sliced down the two sides of the cucumber so that it wouldn't roll around in the lunchbox. Then I used a mini cow cutter on the cucumber peel. On the left she has her Horizon Organic chocolate milk and one of her favorite treats, an Enjoy Life Chewy Cocoa Loco Bar.

It was sooo nice that this all came together so quickly. Sometimes you just need a super quick lunch. And I love how the milk box fits perfectly in here. I do mean love. Perfectionist crazy woman speaking here :)

Here is what I used to make this lunch (or similar):


  1. I'm with little Eliana!!! Boxed milk tastes, richer or sweeter to me too! Love the dink in the lunch trick, it really makes everything snug and neat!(wrapped with a cute paper napkin it can even go with your lunch theme if you want.) Your little one seems so encouraging , so no need to stress. Gotta like that!But of course, another lovely lunch from you. ^.^

    1. Thanks Kiki!!! I love your idea of using a matching napkin! It would fit perfectly next to the milk in this box. I have been meaning to get some cute cloth napkins too :)

  2. I love how everything fits in so neatly. :) n love the cute touches to complete the box. :)

  3. I love this lunch! Especially the cucumber cow! Amazing!


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