Monday, August 27, 2012

Giraffe Bento

Last Thursday we went to the zoo. And of course I had to pack a cute lunch to go :)
stuck with one animal for this zoo bento lunch: the giraffe.  I honestly wasn't that fond of it but I made it right before we left so I literally threw it together! I haven't cooked or made any bentos or really done anything in the kitchen since my grandpa died so it isn't my best work... However Eliana loved it, so that is much more important than what my crazy perfectionist self thinks ;) plus it got my creative juices flowing again and I think I may find the energy to get myself together this week :)

The main compartment has a Momma giraffe and her two little babies walking on green bell pepper grass.  The Momma is a creamy honey soynut butter with extra honey sandwich cut with a giraffe cookie cutter.  I used the cookie cutter and cut a piece of a tortilla and placed it on top with cheese decorations and a candy confetti eye (attached with some honey). I used a black edible food marker to make the pupil. (I think the giraffe's spots are not as clear so I think next time I will use two different color cheeses instead. But again that is crazy me talking-- Eliana could care less!) The baby giraffes are organic fruit leather cut with a mini giraffe cookie cutter.  I added a cute little sun from my eco-planet Organic Cookies up top.

In the upper left Eliana had sliced yellow and orange bell peppers (my baby loves peppers!)

In the upper right she had diced watermelon with a cute giraffe pick. Eliana of course has now decided she doesn't like watermelon anymore.. and only ate one or two pieces... but she ate all the veggies so I can't complain! :)

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Here is what I used to make this lunch:

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  1. I love it :D Giraffe is my favorite animal! <3

  2. Ah bento never fails to amaze me, such a great way to get the kids interested in their food!

    1. Thank you! Bento is definitely one way to get kids interested in new foods! :)


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