Thursday, August 9, 2012

Frog on a Log Bento

Taking inspiration from this lunch I made a long time ago and from the cute frog bento we made a few weeks ago, I put together this easy bento for Eliana:
In the main compartment we have ham and cheese on a spinach tortilla frog sandwich. The eyes are edible candies, and I drew the mouth with an edible food marker.  The frog is sitting on a "log" of pretzel sticks.  His tongue is organic fruit leather and the fly that he caught is a raisin with sunflower kernel wings.

In the upper left Eliana has some raspberries.

In the upper right she has cut up cucumber and some carrots.

Eliana chose the frog picks and they easily made this lunch even cuter :)

This lunch was super quick and easy-- It took less than 10 minutes (counting all the washing and cutting of fruit time too!) and Eliana loved it. Can't be beat! :)

Here's what I used to make this lunch:


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