Monday, August 6, 2012

Car Bento

I am Eliana is on a car kick lately. 
We made this car-tastic (fantastic car) bento in our EasyLunchboxes:
This was a super quick and easy bento and Eliana loved it :) It only took five minutes to put this together. If you have vegetables and fruits already washed and cut in your fridge it makes packing a lunch much less time consuming!

In the main compartment is a ham and cheese sandwich.  I used my sandwich stamper to make this simple lunch extra cute.  I also spelled out "car" with Scrabble Jr Cheezits.

In the upper left she had a vegetable traffic light: sliced red, yellow and green bell peppers (you could always add dip underneath the veggies too, but Eliana doesn't like dip so I don't usually add any in our lunches)

In the bottom left there is honeydew melon with a cute traffic light pick.

Super quick, easy and ready to eat on the go! :)

What I used to make this lunch:

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  1. Way to "go" making such a cute lunch :)

  2. Super cute how you put this lunch together with the traffic light and car stamper! It all makes for a very colorful/fun look! Nice job Michelle!

  3. What a fun bento. Love how you use 2 different kind of bread to creat the sandwich, and I love the red, green , yellow pepper idea! Perfect for car theme!


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