Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Volcán Arenal

As you are reading this now, I am in Costa Rica!!!!! (no I can't multi-task like that! I set this to auto-post hehe) My husband was born in Costa Rica so we have a lot of family down here and have been looking forward to going again ever since our last trip five years ago. For this trip we are partaking in a small missions trip with a church and helping out at a camp for very low-income kids, getting together with family, celebrating the abuelos 61st anniversary, and also visiting our favorite place in Costa Rica: Volcán Arenal. It is a full packed week! Since we haven't been in five years a lot has changed and there are lots of new cousins to meet and I am looking forward to it all :)

Here is a picture I took from our last trip to Arenal in July 2007:

You can easily see why it is our favorite place.  The volcano is absolutely gorgeous.  It is also active so that is always fun! ;) I hope to get some good views and pictures of it during our trip because the top of the volcano sometimes is covered by clouds, which is to be expected with such a high altitude. But to see it without any clouds is breathtaking. I can't wait!

So this is Eliana's first trip to Costa Rica!! She could hardly contain herself the week before! Last time we went to Costa Rica I was pregnant with Eliana. So technically she has been ;) haha but of course she doesn't remember any of that. 

I made her a Volcán Arenal Bento right before we left:

I outlined the shape of the volcano on some wheat bread with a brown edible marker and then I cut the shape out with a pair of kitchen scissors.  I later put honey on her bread (not shown in the picture), but it made the volcano darker so it looked even more realistic actually.  At the base of the volcano is gallo pinto (traditional Costa Rican food of white rice and black beans). I put some pieces of broccoli as greenery by the volcano. I added "Arenal" cut from organic fruit leather above the volcano.

In the upper right container we have cauliflower clouds since by the volcano it can be very cloudy :)

In the bottom right Eliana has the colors of the Costa Rican flag in edible form: cut strawberries, blueberries and queso blanco :)

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Pura Vida!


  1. What a lovely post! Somehow I've been backlogged at reading posts. Your lunches and your stories are awesome. Hope you had a wonderful vacation. And I'm glad you're back :)

    1. Awww thanks Marie! I'm glad to be back too! :)

  2. The mountains look awesome, and the Gallo Pinto is a VERY nice touch! It also makes beautiful ground.

  3. Your bento volcano looks sooo realistic. It's fantastic!


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