Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Patriotic Bento

Happy Third Fourth of July!! (a day early hehe)
This lunch was very easy to make and Eliana loved it (and I love when that happens!)

The flag sandwich is an I M Healthy Creamy Soynut Butter With Honey sandwich. I cut the sandwich into a rectangle shape and ate the scraps. On top I placed sliced strawberries and string cheese for the stripes and blueberries in the corner.  The flag pole is the bread crust.

In the upper left are frozen peas (this lunch needed some green!) in some teeny tiny star silicone cups (they defrosted by the time Eliana ate her lunch, so she was slightly disappointed. She likes them actually frozen, which works out fine when we make lunch and eat it on the spot)

In the upper right Eliana had some vanilla yogurt topped with red, white and blue star sprinkles. 

All packed in an EasyLunchbox. If you are wondering if this lunch would travel well I will let you know that it traveled from MA to NJ and made it all intact! It made it safely in its EasyLunchboxes Insulated Cooler Bag. :) I probably will make a similar lunch for tomorrow so that we can take it wherever we are going.

My favorite part of the Fourth of July is watching the fireworks. I'm so thankful Eliana isn't scared of them anymore. We actually have already seen fireworks two times in the past week and a half and I'm excited to see some more!!
 Hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July! :) 


  1. Love this, Michelle! SO cute. great idea for the sammie! love the little pea star cups too!

  2. Fantastic! Where in the world did you get those teeny star cups?

    1. Sarah, my mom got them for me! I'll try to find a link for them-- but I'm not sure if I can find one

  3. I adore this :) Love the peas and the awesome flag. Happy 4th to you & the fam!

    1. Thank you Sarah! I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend too!

  4. Wonderful lunch! I love how you made the flag.


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