Monday, July 30, 2012

Car Lunch

Beep Beep!
I made this super simple and easy car lunch for Eliana the other day.  It could also work as a snack for an older child with a bigger appetite, but for Eliana it was perfect for lunch (especially since she likes to eat the scraps of everything while we make it).

Stop. Caution. GO! The red, yellow and green lights are colored bell peppers cut with a circle cutter.

The cars are I.M. Healthy Creamy Soynut Butter and jam sandwiches cut with this sandwich stamper that I got from All Things For Sale (my favorite online bento supply shop)

The road is made out of cut provolone and cheddar cheese.

Eliana gobbled this all up and it was very quick to make! I end up loving sandwich stampers for that exact reason. They are so easy to use and make cute lunches in seconds! Now someone convince me I don't need anymore sandwich stampers to add to my lunch supply collection.... ;)

p.s. You could always add a shaped hard boiled egg with this Car Egg Mold but I will admit I am the worst hard boiled egg molder-- if that is possible. It is supposed to be the easiest thing.. the mold does the work for you! But I somehow mess that up. Every time.  One day I will try it again.. maybe. I honestly don't like hard boiled eggs.. and neither does Eliana... but molded hard boiled eggs are so cute! :)


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