Monday, June 25, 2012

SlimKicker Digital Scale Giveaway

**This Giveaway is now closed**

I know this blog is mostly about the lunches for my daughter, but I couldn't resist posting something that is more for us parents, or adults in general :)  I find it very important to give my daughter healthy and balanced meals-- especially at lunch time.  It was always so easy to just give her a jelly sandwich since that was all she wanted to eat (she loves bread and could live off of bread alone.)  So I began to present her fruits and veggies in a fun and creative way to encourage her to eat them. This has worked tremendously since I began-- and it also has encouraged her to try new things :)

It also works for me too. And no, I don't mean that I make myself flower sandwiches! When I pack my lunches I try to present my food in a way that makes it all look so enticing :) Presentation is key! And honestly, if it looks beautiful I will eat it. (for the most part lol)

Since I can go from sorta hungry to "oh-my-goodness-i-feel-fatigue-and-will-drop-over-and-die-now-unless-you-can-feed-me-NOW" in a matter of seconds/minutes (don't mess with me when I'm hungry) it is smart to pack my lunch ahead of time. Because honestly if I don't pack it I will end up eating whatever I can find. So one of my daily goals is to pack my lunch.  Sounds simple right? But not necessarily.. It is always so much easier for me to pack my husband's lunch and even Eliana's lunch and then somehow forget about myself! When I do pack my lunch I use EasyLunchboxes, for example:
A ham and cheese wrap with veggies for lunch :)

So when Sue of SlimKicker contacted me and asked if my readers would like a giveaway I said YES! 

SlimKicker is a healthy living/fitness app and blog.  The goal is to help motivate you to stay healthy by turning your health and fitness goals into a level up game with points, rewards and challenges ((i.e. my own challenge of packing my lunch every day!))

SlimKicker is looking for new challenge ideas and wants you to help! SlimKicker will pick their favorite challenge idea and then also use it on the site! The winner will also receive a digital kitchen scale!

Leave one comment: One suggestion on a fun and creative fitness or diet challenge  ((no more than one to two sentences. i.e. pack your lunch daily, or no soda for a week)).  This giveaway will end on Monday July 2nd at 11:59pm EST. Slimkicker will pick their favorite suggestion and I will announce the winner as soon as the winner as been selected!

**US mailing addresses only**

Good luck!! :)

**This giveaway is  now closed and SlimKicker has picked its winner!

The winner of the SlimKicker Digital Scale is.............. (drum roll please...) ..............


Congrats Eugene! Your challenge idea was picked by SlimKicker! Contact me at so I can get you in touch with SlimKicker for your Ozeri Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale!


  1. No eating after 7pm!! So much easier said than done!

  2. Rebecca Glowiak MartindaleJune 25, 2012 at 5:29 PM

    A daily walk and talk session with the whole family(mom,dad, and kids...teens included). Big challenge with hectic schedules.

  3. As soon as the commercials come on, jog in place, do sit ups, push ups, squats. A quick and easy to get in some exercise :-)

  4. Just got my bike fixed. I will be riding it to work starting next week!

  5. Great giveaway! My challenge idea is to create a deck of cards with a different exercise. Each day pick a card in random, and do 15 mins of that exercise. It's best to mix strength and cardio exercises for variety.

  6. Start a dance group with friends and do dance covers of famous groups (such as Morning Musume, AKB48, SNSD, and so on.)

  7. Just add 3 apples a day.(Fills you up instead of snacking on junk and satisfies that sweet craving! Plus all the nutrients.)

  8. Get up and MOVE! :)

    ~ Shannon @ Molly's Lunch Box

  9. I loved reading all the comments - thanks for the good tips! My tip: drink a big glass of water before you eat a meal. It fills you up so you eat less.

  10. Regular exercise is the key. No matter how much you eat, calories/fats will be burned continuously.

  11. Cutting out artificial sweeteners. I could never do it!



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