Tuesday, June 5, 2012


We made some pretty cool space lunches last week.  I figured since we have already done the planet Earth that we could make the other planets and learn a little about them while we were at it. We started with Mars.
So did you know Mars is often called the Red Planet due to its red color? (trying to keep the Mars facts simple for a four year old!)

And if you didn't know that, well now you know. ((You are welcome)) ;)

This lunch was super simple and easy to make! And Eliana chose what she wanted :)  I made it in an EasyLunchbox so we could easily transport it and eat lunch with Bee-Baga (Great Grandpa) :)

The planet Mars is a ham and cheese sandwhich in a sun-dried basil tortilla, cut with a circle cookie cutter.  "Mars" is cut out from organic fruit leather and the details are Goldfish Space Adventures.

In the top right we have cucumber stars (the outsides or the "leftovers" of the cucumber stars are underneath so no waste. we eat it all.) with a "space bear" food pick (as Eliana called him) 
In the bottom right she has blackberries with cheese stars and a "space monkey" food pick

Super simple and quick to make :) We also made another Mars lunch on a plate that I will share later this week :)

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