Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mars On A Plate

We made another simple and easy Mars Lunch last week, this time on a plate:
Mars is a ham and cheese on a sun-dried basil tortilla, cut into a circle.  
"Mars" is cut out of cheese
Sliced starfruit and Goldfish Space Adventures finish off the simple details :)

This was really quick and easy to make and Eliana loved it! (That always makes me happy!)  It was just as easy as the other Mars lunch we made, that Eliana loved too.

This was a light lunch, and for kids with bigger appetites it could even be a snack!  We had gone on a nice long walk earlier in the day and she had a snack in the stroller so this worked out perfect for lunch. Nope no veggies in this lunch, but don't worry, she had plenty of veggies for dinner that night :)

Here is what I used to make this lunch:

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