Thursday, June 14, 2012

Easy Flower Bento

We have been going through our peanut free and nut free samples that my girl Keeley sent us and we have been loving everything and I am so thankful to be introduced to all these new products! :) We made this super simple flower bento packed in an EasyLunchbox last week:
This lunch was so simple! The flower sandwich was a crunchy SunButter and grape jelly sandwich cut with a flower sandwich cutter (Eliana asked me specifically for crunchy SunButter and grape jelly). Aside the flower sandwich there are two mini diamond silicone cups filled with Enjoy Life Foods Beach Bash Trail Mix (one of the samples we got). Eliana was so excited to try the peanut free/nut free trail mix, especially since it was trail mix we were eating when she had an allergic reaction and I basically had nixed buying trail mixes for life after that (yeah.. I know.. slightly dramatic). However this trail mix is peanut free and nut free, and Eliana loved it! Which for us is good to know, especially since it is very difficult to find any trail mixes that are peanut free and nut free! So now we can buy some trail mixes and have peace of mind :)

In the top right are blackberries and cut up strawberries, with a cute flower stem pick

In the bottom right are sliced cucumbers and a grape tomato with a flower stem pick (of course just noticed now it is backwards hehe still cute though)

So the verdict so far is that Eliana still isn't too big on the SunButter, but this was the first time she ate a few bites of it--which I take as a huge success :)  I have also been eating the same/similar type lunches with her so that we try everything new together.  She hasn't always been the most daring with trying new things (foods), but I think that calling it an adventure and talking about "trying new things" everyday has really helped.  She of course prefers her ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, but I try to switch up her lunch routine every once in a while and have her try the different PB substitutes.  And if she doesn't like it I don't make her finish it, I just ask that she try it :)

From the peanut free samples we are really liking the Enjoy Life brand! Enjoy Life products are free of the 8 most common allergens, and everything is made in a PF and NF facility and so there are no concerns of cross contamination.  I love that extra assurance, especially since I started reading all food labels and it seems that PB is in everything (so frustrating) !! Eliana loved the trail mix, and actually we tried some of their yummy crunchy cookies too. No picture of that being that they were "tested" the day we got the sample package ;)

Here's what I used (or similar) to make this lunch: Bento Products

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