Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Red Angry Bird Lunch

Eliana asked for another Angry Birds lunch. Actually she keeps asking for them... on a daily basis... I most definitely created a monster when making this first Angry Birds Lunch last month!

Eliana's favorite is the red angry bird so I made this simple Red Angry Bird Lunch:
This lunch is loosely based on the Spring version of Angry Birds Seasons, with some cute little veggie flowers at the bottom :)

The slingshot is made of pretzel rods with cheese for the sling.
The red angry bird is a sundried tomato tortilla with ham and cheese sandwich cut into a circle.  
The cheese on top was colored red (tutorial can be found here).  (you could easily use red bell pepper or apple too!)
The belly and eyes are cheese.  
The beak is carrot. 
The eyebrows, eyes and tail feathers are colored with a black food safe marker. 
The flowers on the bottom are cucumbers and carrots cut with a small flower cutter.

Eliana loved this lunch and gobbled it up. She is a huge fan of Angry Birds so if she approved of it I guess it came out all right ;)

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  1. Thank you!!! :) *coming from both of you means so much!! I admire your food art all the time!*

  2. What a super cute and creative lunch! I love this!

  3. Replies
    1. :) that is exactly what Eliana did when we made this :)

  4. Hai Michelle ,,, I am Sie ,, This angry bird so cute and looks perfect. I Like this (^^,)


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