Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flutter Flutter Butterfly

Butterfly Lunch: A Fun Spring Lunch Idea!
This Butterfly Lunch is such a fun and simple lunch to make to celebrate Spring!

The big butterfly is a ham and cheese sandwich cut with a butterfly cookie cutter. 
The wings are orange bell peppers, decorated with strawberries and cheese. 
The body and antennae are cucumber.
The small butterflies are apples and fruit leather cut with a mini butterfly cookie. 
The butterfly crackers are Pepperidge Farm Golden Butter crackers.

You can make so many versions of a butterfly sandwich--the options are endless :) I have made Eliana many butterfly sandwiches, and I just decorate the butterfly with leftover scraps from making other creative meals. Use leftover pieces of vegetables, fruits or cheeses to make unique designs on your butterfly sandwiches. It makes a cute spring themed lunch and it would be perfect if we were going to visit a butterfly garden! I may just have to remake this lunch once the weather is nicer and we actually see butterflies flying around :)

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  1. your kid must eat everything...which I probably would to if my food looked like this

    1. Haha Katy! She eats well for a 4 year old! and she likes vegetables! She is still sometimes a picky eater-- she lately won't eat apple skin, so I had to eat those two butterflies with the skin on them :)


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