Sunday, February 12, 2012

Open Heart Pancakes

Open Heart Pancakes: A Fun Valentine's Day Breakfast Idea!
Valentine's Day is on Tuesday and having an open heart is a beautiful thing.  I think it is important to celebrate love. Love of your family, your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, children.  I don't think it should only be celebrated on one day, so for that reason I'm not that big into the hype of Valentine's Day... However I most certainly LOVE my flowers and chocolate covered strawberries I got this weekend (thank you babe!). 

David and I almost never celebrate holidays on the exact day.  We are actually quite awful at keeping surprises and we usually do gifts whenever we get them, instead of hiding them until a specific day :)  And honestly, we celebrate the idea of Valentine's Day all year long! There is no need to get flowers only on the exact day of February 14!  Anyways we can't celebrate on the actual day.  My Tuesdays consists of going to my graduate internship and then attending night class until 9 pm. So instead we celebrate all year long.  I'll take that instead ;)

For those of you nay-sayers and those who hate the idea of Valentine's Day, or aren't feeling the "love" of this fun holiday these pancakes can be easily transformed into Empty Heart Pancakes. So there. I aim to please ;)

To make these Open (or Empty) Heart Pancakes make your pancake batter.  Use boxed pancake mix, or makes yours from scratch, whichever you prefer.  Make sure to mix it well so there are no lumps.  I then separated the batter into two different colors: pink (few drops of red food coloring) and "white" (uncolored batter). Pour the batters into separate squeeze bottles.

On a skillet or griddle (on low heat) take the pink batter and draw the inner heart and the outer heart.  Let that sit for a little until almost fully cooked.  Then fill in the pancake between the hearts with the uncolored batter.  Leave the inner heart unfilled (or empty, or open.. ).  Let the entire pancake almost fully cook.  Then gently flip the pancake over and let the other side cook.

You could easily do other colors/designs.  What a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day everyday!

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