Sunday, February 19, 2012

Date Bites

So have you ever taken a picture of something that tastes so good but yet the picture is a disastrous fail? Example one:
Date Bites are amazing. I love them, Eliana loves them, my entire family loves them.. and we'll I'm sure almost anyone would love them! However... They kinda, sorta... look like poop. Little poop balls. There ya go. I straight out said it.  They are just about the most unattractive things I have ever seen!

Example two:
...yeah... still looks like poop to me. Like I said on my first blog post, I am no food photographer. I absolutely love food photography.. and I could stare at beautiful pictures of food all day.. However I am not skilled in that area. Somehow this amazing snack looks inedible. But don't take judge these date bites by the cover. They are a great and healthy snack to have around the house!

Date Bites
*about 3/4 cup of pitted dates
*1/2 tsp vanilla extract
*1/16 tsp salt
*2 T Dutch-pressed cocoa powder
*2 T shredded coconut
*1/3 cup raw pecans

*Soak dates in water while putting all the ingredients together in your blender, or food processor. This will help everything blend quicker.. but you can omit this step (I usually soak mine for less than 2 mintues, just about the amount of time it takes to put all the ingredients in my blender.  Even if you soak the dates too long they will still come out amazing, but they will be stickier.)

*Blend all ingredients together. (I used my Ninja Master Prep Bowl (not the pitcher) and pulsed all the ingredients until they started to come together.)

*Squish the "dough" together and then roll into balls or whatever shape you prefer (you can squish the dough with your hands or put in in a plastic ziploc bag and squish it that way, mess free--Eliana loves to help do this)

*May I suggest you not roll them into balls like I did... then maybe they wouldn't be so unattractive ;)

 **I know that they have been called Fudge Bites and I have seen different recipe names on numerous blogs, but I prefer not to hide the fact that they are dates. I want my daughter to understand that she is eating dates which are healthy and good for you, not fudge, for a snack! But to each, his/her own.. so call them what you please!
 **recipe ever so slightly adapted from Chocolate-Covered Katie**
Example three:
Trust me, these are yummy.  This is such a creative way of using dates. You could always add more pecans if you want more crunch. My father is allergic to pecans, so for him I would omit the pecans, or add a nut that he isn't allergic to. Eliana absolutely loves them.. she asks to make them with me.. which is fine with me since it only takes all but three minutes to put together and is super easy! She helps pulse the blender, squish the dough, and most importantly she helps me taste test :)


  1. I think they look just fine and I know they taste amazing! I'm so excited to have the recipe now!!

    1. Well I will take that as a HUGE compliment considering your food photography makes me drool! Let me know how they come out when you make them!! :)


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