Friday, February 3, 2012

Conversation Heart Lunch

Conversation Heart Lunch: A Fun and Easy Valentine's Day Lunch Idea!
Whenever I think about Valentine's Day candy my mind automatically goes to Conversation Hearts.. I honestly don't like to eat them, but I still find them to be pretty! I decided it was a good year to introduce Eliana to this timeless Valentine's Day classic candy with this lunch:

The sandwich is bread, cheese and ham cut into a heart shape with the cheese placed on the top. I cut the letters and heart out of fruit leather.

The four hearts surrounding the sandwich are layered apple, fruit leather and conversation heart candies.

This lunch was so easy to do and Eliana loved it! She also loved the conversation heart candies, although I shouldn't be too surprised.  I thought she would agree with me that they taste like nothing but then again, it is candy and who at almost 4 years old doesn't like candy?! :)

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    1. As a Pinterest addict I truly appreciate that! Thanks :)

  2. I blogged about this tonight at this link

    I could not find an email addy for you, so I hope this is all right.

    Thanks for sharing your cute idea!

    1. Thank you for featuring this lunch on your blog! It was a very easy and simple lunch to make and I'm happy to share it :)

  3. What a SWEET lunch! Thanks for sharing! :) Pinning!!
    ~ Brenda @

  4. PS: Loving all the fun inspiration on your blog!! Just became a follower, also on Pinterest too! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  5. What an adorable lunch! So easy to make too. Pinning now to my Kids Will Eat This board.


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