Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snowflake Snack

Snowflake Cheese and Crackers: A FUN Winter or Frozen themed Snack!
So it has finally begun.. We had our first snow of 2012 yesterday. For us this winter has been very mild with warmer than usual temperature and oddly no snow! (This kind of winter is my kind of winter).  I don't like cold and I don't like snow.... however I guess I'd rather it snow now instead of winter stretching into springtime! So let's celebrate the snow :) In honor of the first official snowfall of the year I made this fun and cute snack for Eliana!

This is just cheese and crackers gone fancy, but in a very simple way. I cut cheese with a mini snowflake cookie cutter and to spell out "Let it snow" (Or for you Frozen fans you could spell out "Let it GO"). The crackers are Ritz snowflake crackers.  You could always add details to the snowflakes if you wanted to.  Eliana loves cheese and crackers so this was of course a hit! Super simple and healthy!

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