Friday, January 27, 2012

Snowflake Pancakes

I never in a million years thought I would be prefer snow over rain. But here we are today..and I am wishing it was snowing instead of raining!  The main reason is really because of our cutest little puppy Mia (who is 10 weeks today!). She would much rather play and do her business in the snow rather than the rain.  We have all  become much more accustomed to going outside and playing everyday regardless if it was cold or snow.. but when it rains we are all stuck inside. So while being stuck inside I decided to make something fun :)

It does feels wrong to post about snowflakes when there is no snow to be found (well where we live!) The rain and the unusually warmer weather melted all the snow we had.  But since it is still winter I decided to make a snowflake themed breakfast:

These pancakes didn't come out how I initially had planned them, but overall I am happy with them. 

First you need to make the pancake batter.  You can use boxed pancake mix, or make yours from scratch. Either way you just need to mix it very well so there are no lumps. I then separated my batter into two different bowls for the two different colors.  I put blue food coloring in one bowl and left the other batter uncolored. I then poured the batter into two different squeeze bottles.

On the skillet I drew the snowflake design and the circle around it with the "white" (uncolored batter).  I then let that cook until it was almost fully cooked.  I then filled in the pancake with the blue batter and then again let it cook until almost fully cooked.  I gently flipped the entire pancake over and let the other side cook.

I then cut out sausages with a small snowflake cookie cutter I have.

For the final touch I added some edible sugar snowflakes that I had found in the grocery store one day.  They don't actually taste much like anything but they are beautiful so I couldn't resist ;)

Eliana loved these fun creative pancakes and asked to make them another time under one condition: she told me that she wanted it to be snowing outside when we make them again :) 

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