Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Puppy Lunch

So for lunch today I made Eliana a puppy lunch. Why a puppy lunch you ask? Well because puppies are so cute, cuddly, adorable, playful, energetic and most importantly we just got one!!! Yes you read that correctly! We got a puppy.  We fell in love with a Sheltie puppy..She was the last available girl out of her litter and she melted our hearts and well we couldn't say no.. so we said "this one is mine", named her Mia (mine in Spanish) and took her home ;)  So to celebrate our new puppy I made this fun lunch for Eliana:
To make this lunch I cut a ham and cheese sandwich (or whatever fillings you prefer) into a dog shape with a dog cookie cutter.  I added the small details on the dog (bread crust ear and tail, edible candy eyes and nose, and fruit leather tongue).  For the border I cut grapes to be "balls" because what puppy doesn't like to play with a ball? I then added some Scooby Cinnamon Graham Cracker Sticks (of course in the shape of a dog treat!).  And Let me warn you in advance.. those Scooby biscuits are addicting! ;) Eliana loved the lunch and the fact that it didn't take a lot of time to put together is always nice!

Now of course you are dying to meet Mia aren't you? Well here she is!
Mia at 7 weeks old
You can see why she easily melted our hearts! She is so much fun and Eliana loves to play with her and run around with her. She is the most beautiful Sheltie puppy I have ever seen (just a little bit partial) and I love her personality already.  Mia already plays differently with me versus my husband versus Eliana.. Its quite impressive how she has picked up the differences between us and treats us differently in a matter of days. She likes to cuddle and sleep on me, she likes to rough house with my husband and follow him around, and with Eliana she runs around with her and always wants to play with her as if she literally were a puppy! 

We brought her home last Friday and while we are exhausted from her night time wake-ups to go pee we couldn't be happier! :)  I can see she will be house trained easily, as it hasn't even been a week and there have fewer and fewer accidents each day.. well the biggest part of house training is really training the owner... haha so I guess we are training ourselves well ;) **update** if you'd love to see newer pictures of Mia head over to my Instagram! I share pictures of her all the time there :)

Mia is just perfect for our family.  She was born on November 18, 2011, which happens to be my father's birthday.  It also happens to be the day before our precious pet bird Kiwi died. For us, it has been a healing process.. And it seems like Mia was meant for us :)


  1. Awww... That's a cute lunch :D love the details on the puppy.

    1. Thank you! The details on the puppy were so simple and quick to make too :)

  2. Well that lunch is just the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! Had never heard of Scoobie cinnamon sticks before, but will definitely be on the look-out for them.

    I like to think of things to donate for cat/dog charity events and I'm sure at some point this will be the centerpiece at a dinner. For a cat - just use a cat cutter, same grapes (they like to play with balls also) and then maybe goldfish crackers.

    Your Mia IS beautiful and I'm sure that at a year and a half now she'll fully integrated into your family. Oh yes.....animals recognize when there's a young child and act accordingly. Smart is simply in their DNA.

    Thank you for this great doggy idea.


    1. Thank you Tavette! Mia has been such a perfect fit for our family. We have so much fun with her :)

    2. Cute puppy sandwich and cute puppy!


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