Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year! 2012!

Hello 2012 and Happy New Year to you all! If your holiday stretch was anything like how my relaxing break (or better put--lazy!) was then I know it was a good one :) It was very nice to have no school and no internship and no babysitting and to actually have a break to spend with the family for a few days.

As with the beginning of every new year it always seems to be a good time to set goals, or resolutions to start off anew.  But honestly I'm not really into doing resolutions.. I never actually do them or keep them up and then I end up looking back and feeling disappointed. So in order to prevent that disappointment I'm going to try this new year a different way..with more general goals instead of specifics..with the exception of my one main goal: to graduate with my MSW in May! It may sound silly, and you might say to yourself "of course you'll graduate" but for me this is a goal.  School is not the easiest thing to do for me in general,  and especially not as a mom with the millions of responsibilities that come along with that. And I do not claim to be supermom, so I do struggle juggling it all.  I do manage it, and I have made it this far, but I will be SO happy when I graduate!

So to start this new year off right I made this easy lunch for Eliana..
Happy New Year!
This was a super easy lunch to put together.  I did an open face sandwich with the cheese on top cut with a circle cookie cutter. I decorated the clock with more cheese and fruit leather.  I used a food safe marker to write the numbers.  The "2012" is cut out of cheese and my "fireworks" are cut carrots.  The end result is easy, simple and Eliana loved it.  What a great way to start off the new year! :)

Happy New Year Everyone!!! :)


  1. Such a cute lunch! Just found you today and you make some fun stuff! We also make fun food for kids. Would love for you to link up your creations to our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Fridays Link Party. I am sure our followers would love your fun food!

    1. Jill! Thanks for checking out my blog!! Your blog has amazing fun and creative food-- I am such a fan! I am embarrassed to say I have no idea what "link up" means, but I will figure it out and I'd love to join your Link Party! :)


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