Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Tree Pancakes

Christmas Tree Pancakes! SO Simple to make and So fun!
Hello December?! I can't believe it is already December!  Beginning this month with some holiday cheer I have a cute breakfast that you can make with your kiddos.. or just for yourself (I won't tell). 

The other day Eliana refused to eat anything for breakfast.  I had run out of ideas of what to make for her when I finally thought of making her some pancakes.  But not just your ordinary pancakes--Christmas Tree shaped pancakes!  Eliana was so excited that she could help me out by mixing the batter and putting in the food coloring.  She ate more than four of these cute pancakes :)

Shaped Pancakes are so much fun once you get the hang of it.  All you need is some food coloring and some squeeze bottles.  

First make the pancake batter (make sure to mix very well so there are no lumps) and then separate them into three bowls for the three different colors: green, yellow and red. I knew I was going to use more green batter so I made sure to have more batter in that bowl.

On my skillet I drew the outline of the tree.  Then I put the red and yellow ornaments and let those both cook until almost fully cooked.  Then I filled in the tree with the green batter and let that almost fully cook.  I flipped it over gently and let the other side cook.  I then made a separate pancake star for the tree and I cut a piece of sausage for the tree trunk.

This breakfast was a lot of fun and Eliana had so much fun helping--especially when adding the food coloring.  Usually breakfast is already made or being made by the time Eliana gets up but this time we made it together and we had so much fun.. we may just have to make these again :)

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