Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flower Soup

Flower Soup Muffin Tin Meal
Muffin Tin Meals are perfect for toddlers and young kids for meals (and they work great for snacks too!) In this case they are especially great for sick kiddos with little appetites!

Eliana had been sick and we were exhausted.  Sleepless nights, interrupted sleep, runny nose, cough along with a side of being irritable and not wanting to eat.  It is never fun when your little one comes down with a cold! 

Soup is great way to get some good nutrition in, but having soup every day for a few days can get boring. This simple trick lightened the mood! Simply put your soup and crackers in silicone baking cups!

Eliana actually asked for soup and cracker refills and told me she likes her soup better in the flowers than in bowls! 

Easy as pie. Or soup.

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