Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oak Tree

Oak Tree Lunch: Celebrate Fall with Food!
In the spirit of welcoming Fall weather I made Eliana this fun lunch :)
To make this Oak Tree Lunch I started with the trunk first. The tree trunk is a jelly sandwich.  I made one side of the sandwich with the crust to make it look more like a tree. The leaves of the tree are red, yellow, orange bell peppers and sun dried basil tortillas cut with an oak leaf mini cookie cutter.  I put pomegranate seeds as "falling acorns".

The pumpkins by the tree are cheese slices cut with mini cookie cutters. I drew the details on with food safe markers.

So simple to make!!

Eliana loved this lunch and ate everything :) I wasn't the happiest with the tree at first but when it was done I loved it.  But more importantly Eliana loved it and then proceeded to show me the one tree in the backyard that has colorful leaves :) 

Happy Fall everyone!

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  1. You get more amazing everyday. I want to see these in person. Miss you

  2. Thanks David :) and Thank you Stephanie! It's funny because I almost never think that the lunches are that good because I always see what's wrong with them... I'm glad everyone likes them :) I miss you too!!

  3. I may be a year late but it is too cute Michelle!

  4. like the oak tree colours!! very nice!

  5. probably know that this won bento of the week again. I was out of town last week so I didn't pin it until now.


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