Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kids DIY Creative Lunch

♫Sometimes Kids just want to have fu-un ♫ Oh Kids just want to have FUN! 
So let them make a fun lunch themselves :)
This is Eliana's masterpiece: "The Fish with Spots"

You can cut up whatever fruits, vegetables, and cold cuts you want your child to use (or if your child is old enough he/she can cut them with you).  Then let them assemble their fun lunch all by themselves! FUN! :)

Eliana was so proud of this lunch and had a lot of fun making it!  The only side note is that this bread was a lot of bread for her.  Eliana isn't the biggest fan of eating huge sandwiches, which is why my sandwich shapes work since she never eats a full sandwich.  So she didn't finish all the bread, but she had so much fun making her own lunch that she asked to do it again :)

I'm pretty darn proud that my little girl knows how to make a creative lunch at the age of three :) I've taught her well! *tear* ;)


  1. Eliana's clearly been paying attention to her mama's techniques, and inherited her creativity too! Thanks for coming to my Bento Kids Link Party!

    1. Thanks Cristi! She made another lunch today! I might just have to link it up too:)


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