Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"D" is for..

D is for...
I made this easy Dolphin lunch for Eliana the other day. We had had a few dark rainy days in a row and I wanted something colorful to brighten up her day :)

The Dolphin is a jelly sandwich cut into a dolphin shape with an edible candy eye
The "D" is a Scrabble Jr Cheezit
The "is" was cut out from a fruit rollup
The "for" was cut out of cheese
The border is made up of raspberries and cut carrots

Eliana doesn't usually like jelly sandwiches and actually she is very particular and usually only wants ham and cheese sandwiches.  Last time I made her a jelly sandwich she gave it one look and asked where the ham and cheese was... But this time I got her to eat this! and ever since this sandwich she has loosened up and actually has asked for a jelly sandwich again! Its nice to have some variety and I'm glad she is learning to be more open to other types of sandwiches for lunch :)

Until Next Time... :)

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