Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"B" is for...

B is for...

This simple lunch was made quick and was loved by Eliana!

The Bear is just a simple sandwich cut with a bear cookie cutter with candy eyes, orange confetti sprinkle nose and melted chocolate mouth/mustache. (I say that because I tried to make a mouth and it just ended up looking like a mustache!)

The border is made up of cut up carrots and green pepper

The "B" is a Scrabble Jr. Cheezit

The "is" was made up of melted chocolate

The "for" was made up of a colorful fruit rollup

These kind of lunches are always a fun way to incorporate the alphabet! I always ask Eliana to tell me the letters first and if she doesn't devour everything immediately I will spell out the animal too so she can see how it is spelled on paper. Enjoy!

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