Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My First Blog

First things first I think I should let you all know:

1. This is my first blog post.
2. I am not a food photographer (I so wish though). I just use a digital..point and shoot..no real technique.. hopefully I will improve on that
3. Most Importantly I am a mother to a beautiful three year old named Eliana
4. I make cool lunches for my daughter
5. My three year old is my heart and soul
6. I love her with all my heart and my love grows for her everyday
7. My husband is pretty darn amazing too
8. I mean, I guess our daughter wouldn't be here without him...
9. No seriously we've been married for five years and I'm fortunate to have married my best friend
10. We own a green cheeked conure named Kiwi. He is the most cuddly bird you will have ever met. (yes you read that right. cuddle. we have a strange bird..)

So this was my first blog post... we'll see how this goes :)

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